Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am very excited to let everyone know that I have reached my first 100 sales on etsy this morning, this is a special sale for me because I was hoping to reach this goal before I hit my one year of being a etsy member and I am proud to say I have reached it in only 9 months.
This has been a very interesting journey for my wife and I, we have met wonderful people all over the world who have bought our products and some who have just contacted us to let us know how much they enjoyed looking through our etsy shop and seeing our stuff.
Our 100'th customer does not know this yet but we will be sending them a special gift with there order just to say congratulations and thank you for being our 100'th customer.
We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for there business this past 9 months and we are looking forward to getting to meet our next 100 customers.
Thanks, Darryl & Roxanne

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Small Hand Forged Cross Necklace

My small hand forged cross necklace pendent is made from a piece of recycled 3/16" square stock, it is split in two different directions and heated cherry red in the forge and hammered out on the anvil to make the cross shape, once the desired shape is reached I lightly wire brush the cross and clear coat it with a high quality automotive clear to preserve the natural beauty of the steel.Size is approximate...1" tall X 3/4" wide.This cross necklace is a smaller version of my Hand Forged Cross Necklace and is sold only with the 18" cable with a magnetic clasp, it can also be removed hung on your favorite chain.