Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The New Yankee Workshop

Just wanted to tell you about some of the products that I make for Horton Brasses,that have been used by Norm Abram on the New Yankee Workshop.
I was flipping through the channels on the T.V. one Sunday morning and ran across the New Yankee Workshop.I stopped to see what Norm was making,and decided to watch the whole show.He was making a tilt top table.As he was finishing up the table,he started talking about this piece of hardware called a table spider he was going to use on the table,that keep the legs of the table from becoming loose through years of use. I looked at the spider that he was using and was surprised, I called my wife in to the room and told her I was pretty sure that was one of our spiders.
(Its kind of funny how a person can spot their own work). So on Monday I called Horton Brasses, and asked them if Norm bought their products and used them on his show, they said yes, he buys from them a lot and that was definitely one of my spiders.
Even though I didn't get any recognition on the show ,It was a great honor to me knowing that a man like Norm Abram is using products that I have made in my studio at my home.
If you go to the Horton Brasses link and click on the as seen in then click on the New Yankee Workshop,you will see other products that are used in the New Yankee Workshop by Norm.
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CLKcreative said...

What a terrific compliment! Congratulations!