Saturday, August 15, 2009

Steel Bluegill Fish Sculpture

Here is a great gift for the fisherman in your family.

This fish sculpture is made from recycled 16 gauge steel and is made by cutting out two identical fish patterns and welding the two pieces together at the seams just like if you were sewing a pillow together. Each side is hand textured with a hammer and chisels, once the desired texture and pattern is reached a small tube is welded in the bottom of the two sides and checked for air leaks, The fish is then put in the forge and heated to a cherry red, once it is heated a air hose is attached to the tube and air is blown into the two halves to puff the metal up like a pillow. the fish is then wire brushed, heat colored and clear coated to preserve the natural beauty of the steel.Size...5 1/2" tall X 10 1/4" long.

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